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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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if you look closely, they're partially covered with reflective tape. because the 81-year-old woman who lives here is legally blind and as well as being somewhat hard of hearing. on wednesday afternoon, a mass burglar went into the back of the house, broke her rear window, entered, encountered the elderly woman and beat her with his fist on her face and head. a mailman discovered the woman beaten and confused outside of her front door before 1 in the afternoon. >> and the person that did this is a coward. she's 81 years old. it's a heinous crime, something we take seriously, and we want to do the best we can to get this person off of the street. >> reporter: she's described as being in generally good health. a neighbor said she spends a lot of time trimming back the large bamboo plants that surround her house in chevy chase-d.c. and she uses the canes, the family member said, to constantly walk around the neighborhood and to nearby stores. the attack sent the woman to
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the hospital. police are asking neighbors to call if they remember seeing anyone unfamiliar to the area in the afternoon. because the assailant was wearing a mask and she was vision impaired, there is no description of the guy not even the clothing. he took from the house an apple computer. according to the neighborhood listserv, a suspicious man was located, or spotted in another backyard this week. they want anyone else who may have made sightings to call them. they made physical or clothing descriptions. the 81-year-old remains in a local hospital and -- i am told, the d.c. metropolitan police made an arrest in this case, and i will tell you how i believe this was broken.
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in the other backyard, there were guests in the house and they didn't like the way he was acting. he moved a flower pot and they took a photograph of him and supplied that photo to police. i am guessing that is what led to the crack in this case. and that is the late, will, from chevy chase-d.c. back to you. >> and that does not happen often. certainly a horrible and disgusting crime. thank you. another big story we're following tonight, victims in the tucson shooting massacre are coming face-to-face with gunman jared laughner. he was sentenced to life in prison. >> reporter: more than a year after the rampage that left six people dead, 24-year-old jared loughner getting the life sentence. the tucson shooter a voiding the death penalty after pleading guilty to 19 federal charges a few months ago. under a deal, he'll serve seife
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the possibility of parole. >> it's our hope that the final resolutions of the case will be a positive step towards their healing process physically, emotionally, and psychologically. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, many of those impacted by his crime, the perpetrator himself declined to speak at the sentenceing, but some of his victims making their voices heard. >> that was the day that shocked our community and broke our hearts but there is no way to make sense of that senseless act. >> reporter: 13 people were wounded that day when he opened fire on a crowd attend allegation meeting in a safeway parking lot. the target of his fire, gabby giffords. she was shot in the head at point-blank range and was in the court today. she has been undergoing extensive surgery and countless hours of surgery -- therapy. she was able to vote a few days
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ago. today, she and her husband joining other victims in the courtroom to witness a killer, hear his fate. astronaut mark kelly addressing loughe in er directly saying, quote, you may have put a bullet through her head but not a dent in her spirit or ability to do good. it's unclear where laughner will serve out his federal sentence or if pima county prosecutors will try to seek the death penalty. dan springer, fox news, tucson, arizona. new york is still digging out from that nor'easter that dumped more than sexismes of snow, including areas recovering from superstorm sandy and let's turn things over to gary. >> reporter: the storm is really still there in the northeast and that is moving along, though. again, i can't reiterate this enough. d models have done a wonderful job tracking the storm and keep in mind, it's been just a little over a week since sandy pummeled the area and some of
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those folks who got their lights on with the lights back out, and everything is now covered in snow. rick leventhal has the latest from staten island. >> reporter: recovery efforts across the northeast slowing to a crawl. as snowfall and additional power outages continue to trouble areas affected by sandy. state officials suffering sticker shock after seeing the first estimates of overall damages. >> and this storm will cost the region $50 million in damage and economic loss. the state of new york, about $33 million in damage and economic loss. that is a staggering number. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie trying to stay optimistic. >> one of the positive things i see in the face of the storm are the great acts and kindness and generosity from one new jerseyian to another. >> reporter: many residents throughout the region frustrated and literally powerless. some folks in staten island devastated by send, still trying to rebuild what they
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can. >> the personal possessions and everything else, lost pictures and other things that are sentimental can never be replaced. >> reporter: utility companies adding extra crews prior to the nor'easter to reconnect power, but that was not enough to keep the storm from knocking many back offline. hundreds of thousands in new york and new jersey in the dark again. governor christy praising efforts in the garden state but new york governor lashing out at power corporations calling them inadequate. >> i believe part of it is the system design and part of it is just their performance and part of it is the fact that these utilities are a monopoly. >> reporter: this neighborhood, a full mile from the ocean, was under 12 feet of water. sanitation trucks have been busy clearing debris. a total of 130,000-tons so far and their work is far from over. in staten island, new york, rick leventhal, fox news. some good snow totals
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coming out of there. we have higher totals than this, but we wanted to concentrate it on the areas that received some of the damage. to newark, a little over sexismes, central park close to five inches and islip there in long island, they got over four inches of snow. keep in mind, of those three locations, all of those are daily snowfall records and this is a fairy early season nor'easter there. the winds are still blustery on the cape and most of the wind gusts, the highest we have seen, have been between 40 and 50 miles an hour and there is hyannis gusting to 48; province town, 47. as you come from the south- southwest along the coast, a broad area here. we have been gusty in the city today, again, the jersey shore back up to staten island, long island. the wind gusts are calming down and hopefully the power crews can get back out there and restore the power again. >> all right, gary. thank you for that update.
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shawn. jury selection is underway today in the trial of a bowie state university student charged with killing her roommate in a fight over music. it's been more than a year since the stabbing occurred. karen gray houston visited bowie state to see how life on campus changeed since then. careern? >> reporter: well -- karen? >> shawn, students say the mood here on campus is more subdued and somber since alexis simpson allegedly stabbed dominic frazier in the neck with a pair of scissors. the students designated a special area on campus, calling it a peace park as an ongoing reminder of how they want to have their commitment to a safe environment on campus. and the administration said it hopes to have -- it's hosted a number of special programs with speakers that focus on conflict resolutions. alexis simpson was there all day at the prince georges county courthouse in upper marlboro watching as lawyers for both sides picked the jury.
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opening statements in her murder trial are expected to begin next tuesday after the veteran's day holiday. it's a case that still gives students pause for reflection. >> we send judge -- we should leave that in the hands of the judicial system. that is why they're here. they will pick or whether an act of a greg. >> reporter: prosecutors say it was an act of aggression. that simpson chose to end the life. police say that simpson attacked her roommate, 18-year- old dominique frazier after the two argued over music played on an ipod. witnesses say the two were separated but simpson was pushed into her bedroom. they say it all ended when simpson came out on the attack with the scissors. >> i want -- and that is on trial. [ indiscernible ] >> yeah. >> what was she like? >> i told her, but she was, she was nice. >> reporter: same thing the
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defendant's lawyer said. during her bond review, michael worthy called simpson non- violent and said the crime was an abrasion. while we await the outcome of the trial, three students say their campus changeed since deborah frazier died with more cameras and lots of security, especially at christa mccullus hall. >> they tighten up the security, they hire a new resident director, i believe, who, from what i heard, i haven't been in the building lately, he runs a tight shift. >> reporter: so what should happen now? >> i think it's sad. it's a sad thing, but it was on she just, a spur-of-the-moment kind of -- >> if alexis simpson is convicted of first-degree murder, she faces a maximum penalty of life in prison with no parole. live at bowie state university, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> thank you, karen.
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the u.s. average private charged with providing classified documents to wikileaks is offering to plead guilty to some of the lesser offenses against him. an attorney for private first class bradley manning made the offer during a pretrial hearing at fort meade today. if the court accepts the offer, military prosecutors could still try manning on the more serious charges against him, including aiding the enemy. ten years after a massive protest, a hearing is underway to determine if d.c. police tampered with evidence related to the protest. several former george washington students were arrested. they claim that police shalls -- officials tampered with evidence. today's hearing was to decide what items can be used during trial. still ahead, a driver sentenced for his role in a tour bus crash that killed four people in virginia. >> and tackling truancy in the district. we'll tell you about the steps being taken to hold parents more accountable.
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>> all day. every day. he'll wake up, he has it. if i want him to go to sleep, he has to fall asleep with it. >> and later on fox 5 news at 5, you don't want to mix this one. addicted to the ipad. why some toddlers, yeah, are going gaga over the tablet and throwing tantrum when is it's taken away. @
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. a judge found a bus driver guilty in virginia. he was convicted on four counts of involuntary manslaughter. the bus was headed to new york when it crashed last may killing four and injuring dozens more. during the trial, more than a dozen witnesses testified he was driving erratically before the bus swerved off the road and faces up to 40 years in prison. d.c. police investigating a deadly accident in northeast on brentwood parkway. investigators say it appears the taxi ran off of the road and smashed into a fence. the car caught fire, the fire crews found a man dead inside and an autopsy is being conducted to determine how he died. two people recovering after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning. it happened this morning on inra ham street northeast. firefighters were called to the scene and they found high levels of carbon monoxide in the home. the victims were taken to the hospital for treatment and are expected to be okay. the nor'easter that is stumping dumbing more than a
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half of foot of snow in the area. it caused two dozen additional power outages in the same areas still struggling with the aftermath of sandy. more than 750,000 homes and businesses mostly in new jersey and new york is down. that is down from a peak of 8.5 million following sandy. mother nature threw a snowy curbball to the victims. the power outages aside, people hoping to return to damaged or destroyed homes to salvage any belongings left. now, they have inches of snow toivity is through first. it's also forcing businesses to push back reopening following the storm and let's go live to sharon. recovery efforts must have come to a crawl with all of the snowfall? >> reporter: absolutely, it was rough. we were in the nor'easter here last night and this is brutal. is they said i'm done, why does
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is mother nature doing this to us? what with have we done? >> and i am's block away from the water along the jersey coast line here. can you see the flashing lights behind me and that is because we're in a evacuated area. i wanted to show you why we're here. i wanted to give you a picture of what they're facing. look at the home here. this is one of the many homes completely condemned and this is an entire neighborhood that no one can really return to. you're looking at the wall there that has come out. if you were able to see inside, you would so a sign saying dillan's room, obviously, a young boy lived there and this is one of so many in this community. not only are they without power and without all of their belongings, but they're living in shelters, some of the people, the election was the other day and they had to go to a different polling place from the shelter and talking about thatnor easter. first, we're hit with superstorm sandy and new jersey
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is slowly coming back on and trying to get power and trying to get help from the federal government in here and then we're hit with this nor'easter, which literally, as you said, just with the cleanup. -- . >> it sure does. >> and look here. it looks like a tornado hit here, don't you think? >> it does, sharon. i understand that fema is sending in some of the temporary houses or trailers that we saw during katrina. do you know when they going to arrive and where they going to be placed? >> reporter: as key we're drove in, we saw fema trucks. i didn't see the fema trailers but they're set up at the school and firehouse here into town and that is where they serving hot meals and the red cross is there. but that is something they're working on all over the jersey coast line. the barrier islands were evacuated and some of them you can't get back into. the areas like the one i am in now, people are allowed to come in during the daytime and try to gather whatever belongings they can and that is the saddest part, watching them return to their homes and go through all of their ruined
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belongings. >> i can only imagine. it looks like a tornado blew through there and on top of the deaf station, there is no power for most of -- devastation, there is no power for the people and they looking for the items in the dark. thank you for the update. >> it got warmer. >> yeah. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. and back here at home, we're not dealing with that, but it's colder out there and that is looking like the wind is chipping out there. >> ia -- whipping out there. >> and i think the breeze making it feel more cold, isn't it? >> definitely, will. making it feel more cold out there and let me say this, you know, we have been talking about the fact that the nor'easter was for us kind of a nor'easter light. >> uh-huh. >> and for them, it's nothing like they used to and compounded, 10 day away from sandy and along the jamaica, make it long as i can, i guess, and it's going to be nice this weekend. >> good, good. >> and this is going to be nice this weekend and extend to the northeast and they're going to have temperatures there comfortable in the upper 50s to low to mid-60s and they're going to get a brief break
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there and that is looks like most of next week should be nice. we don't see the big storms, okay. that is how it's looking now. let me show you again, can you look up there. the nor'easter is sitting off shore. the cape, most of the rain is gone from the jersey show and -- shore and long island and they're not talking about snow. i think the last thing the reporter said live was at least it's getting warmer. 52 degrees here now and it will make a great point if the wind is gusting. therefore, it feels cooler than. that we're gusting up to 29 miles an hour. i still think even at 7:00, we'll have some clear skies, temperatures are dropping into the 40s. it will be breezy out there. okay. so bundle up if you have to be out. by 9:00, already down in the 30s for the suburbs and we'll be holding the lower 40s in town and by 11:00, that is downright cold. again, we're still expecting really, really nice stuff coming for the next several days around here. we'll tell you how good in just
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a bit. >> i like the sound of that. see you in a few, gary. thank you. speaking of sounds, good ones, in fact. it was one of michael jackson's most popular songs. are you ready? >> right. >> i'll let you do that. >> coming up, the st off their thriller moves downtown. why onlookers did not see this one coming. one comi. . >> and we're going to show you how a local boutique is making dreams come true for some area military brides. we'll be right back. 
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. no more sing, i promise. >> i'm ready for it now. >> and you ready to dance, aren't you? >> any good teacher will tell you when you want kids to learn, sometimes you really have to get creative. >> and there was a perfect example of that today in d.c. here's fox 5s beth parker. >> reporter: one minute, it's a sidewalk. the next minute a stage.
5:25 pm
>> my heart was beating real fast and i felt nervous a little bit. >> when i'm on the dance floor, it speaks to me. [ singing ] >> reporter: a two-minute flash mob in front of the national portrait gallery. they're students from d.c.'s savoy elementary school in southeast. in on this day, they're -- . >> just like michael jackson. >> reporter: a teacher directs from a top of an suv. >> they can go wherever they want to g. >> reporter: savoy has been a low-performing school. they were selected a while back by the president's committee on the art to get some extra resources, things like art supplies and musical instruments. the award goes to schools that are about to turn the corner.
5:26 pm
>> to come back to that community and see how the program is making kids want to come to school, making parents want to get involved, the volunteers. it's really building the community. >> reporter: they practice for months. >> every day. >> you pro pra-- . >> i'm very proud. we put a lot of effort. >> i feel happy because we get the -- to experience something that we never did before. and i feel good about it. >> reporter: when you saw your face with the makeup, what did you think? >> i was frightened. >> like some type of creature. [ singing ] >> reporter: savoy's test scores are ticking up and attendance is, too. >> i had fun today. >> they will remember the moves for a long time. >> until i'm a zombie. >> reporter: in washington,
5:27 pm
beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and you did an awesome job. >> they did. they did. >> and did you see how in to it they were? >> they were learning about practice and cor youngra fe and michael jackson. that speaks to michael's legacy that his music lives on and through them, what were they, nine or 10? >> even that. >> yeah. >> and a lot of kids don't know who he is. >> and that is cool. coming up, the possible punishment for students caught skipping class. >> first, the good news. graduation rates are up in d.c. the city gets a failing grade compared to other school districts in our region. we'll break down all of the numbers for you. >> and still ahead, toddlers addicted to technology. find out what frustrated parents can do when their child prefers the ipads to the pacifier. where others fail, droid powers through.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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. low test scores go hand in hand in the district. one idea, make parents more accountable if the kids don't she up. matt ackland has more on this one tonight. matt? >> reporter: a figure that jumped out at me today, 10% of ninth graders in d.c. public schools missed 10 of the first 35 days of school there year. some point the blame at parents, they call it neglect. in a city where violent crime and unemployment are big problems, many believe that education is the ski to solving those -- the key to solving the issues but truancy is standing in the way. >> my job is to educate them. i can't educate them or meet the aggressive goals that we set around student achievement if the children are not there. >> reporter: traditionally, our school system is the ---- . >> traditionally our school system is the safety net. >> reporter: he testified in front of a council committed to getting students to class. some say parents have to be held accountable.
5:32 pm
>> you literally are risking their educational life. >> this is neglect. it's action will -- educational neglect. i think we have to inspire a few parents to get serious about it and make examples. >> there is a law on the books holding parents responsible for truancy. but this council member said it's rarely enforced. >> the parents start to understand the personal consequences and i would go the route of community service first. probation. >> reporter: the assistant police chief said keeping kids in school keeps them out of trouble. >> you can't tribute to crime and hang outing in schools and areas. >> and if there was any question, they presented this church showing d.c. schools for better attendance and producing better grades. >> the high attendance, high graduation, low attendance and low graduation. >> reporter: chancellor
5:33 pm
henderson said that efforts are being made to address truancy, even after one unexcused absence. the school starts to file, five days missed, the school builds the case and after 10 days unexcused, social workers are brought inspo toke on speak to the parents -- to speak to the parents, will. >> thank you. a brand-new report shows more students are graduating from high school. 61% of d.c. public school students graduated last june. that is a 2% increase over the previous school year. the city is showing progress, it still lags behind other local jurisdiction -- jurisdictions. in mont groomery county, 86% was the rate and fairfax county, the graduation rate was 81%. a group kidicated to helping low-income kids in the district joins us tonight. thank you for being here. >> thanks. good to be here. >> 61% is an improvement, the graduation rate. when you stack it up against the other local school districts, it's dismal, a fail. what is going on? >> the graduation rate,
5:34 pm
certainly we should be celebrating progress. the 2% gain may not seem like progress to many folks, especially compared to our neighbors. remember, the graduation rate has been declining for a number of years. i think the fact that he's going in the right direction and the folks working so hard should be congratulated for the progress. >> when you break down the numbers and look closely, deeper in there, they show the graduation rates, especially for low-income high school students improving 13%. special ed students went up 9%. to what are school leaders attributing the increase? >> i think you talked about truancy. there is a lot of focus across the board, especially in middle schools and high schools in d.c. and it's happening in public and charter schools. they focus on meeting kids where they are and giving kids instruction, they need to succeed. i think the fact that there is so much attention on the quality in the classroom and teachers, that is making a difference to the small gains that you're seeing, not only
5:35 pm
with graduation rates and test scores. we have a national test across the country and saw gains last year in reading and math in d.c. that most places didn't see. that is a sign these things are starting to work. >> and nationwide, they get a bad wrap. what -- ran error. what needs to be done to bring d.c.'s graduation rates in line with other area school districts? >> one think this you saw with truancy, getting parents involved with keeping kids in school and working with them and their teachers, understanding what kids are doing and that is the purpose thing. we think a fight for children, giving kids a real start in life is going to make a huge difference down the road. we launched a huge program for kids to be prepare forward school and ready to learn when they enter kindergarten. you think down the road it's going to make a huge difference. >> we hope so. >> and thank you very much for coming in.
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>> no problem. more stores seem to be opening earlier and earlier on black friday. we're going to tell you when wal-mart plans to open the doors this year. might surprise you. >> and caught on camera, a former pilot -- with a plane. find out if he pulled it off. @
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. tonight, wal-mart is getting the jump start on the black friday deals this year and plans to open at 8:00 in the evening on thanksgiving and this is where digesting the thanksgiving meals. it's two hours earlier than last year. the retailer is guaranteeing three victims will be available to -- three items will be available to those available waiting in line 11-10. wal-mart is betting the shoppers are ready to open their wallets, making up a quarter of the annual sales. >> you know who i feel sorry for? >> who in. >> the people who have to work. >> all right, just one person's opinion there. operation wedding gown in full swing in virginia.
5:41 pm
it honors military brides by giving them free wedding dresses. dozens of brides to be came out to jeanette's bridal in monasses to say yes to the dress. the women told us the program is a dream come true, especially when you planning a wedding while your other half is away. >> and this is's huge help. where to plan the wedding and do it, and that is in the seattle area. just to have the assistance to find the dress is a huge help. i'm doing this all around. >> and we wish you well. this is the sixth year across americay that have donated to wedding brides. it's donated more than 8,000 of the gowns. we want to go back now to the news alert at the top of the hour. it's breaking news right now. the police in the middle of john henrehan's live shot getting word to us that there was an arrest in the beating and robbery of an 81-year-old woman who lives in the chevy
5:42 pm
chase section of northwest d.c. joining use the phone for a quick update is commander george cusack with d.c. police. it's will thomas, can you hear me? >> yes. >> quickly tell us about the arrest, if you would. >> that is not complete, but we have arrested an adult which charged him with the burglary that occurred yesterday and this is what to do and. >> a quick arrest, i'm sure you're happy about that. >> i interview you many times about crimes. can i hear the discuss in your voice over this one in john's piece tonight. >> and absolutely. any thyme someone preys upon an elderly woman, that is something we need to be concerned-- concerned about. that is a heinous crime and we're glad to get the person off of the street. >> thanks for checking in with us, we have another update with
5:43 pm
john henrehan at 6:00 tonight. coming up, toddlers addicted to ipad and throwing tent temper tantrums when taken away. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt. thick, scrumptious, and more protein than those regular yogurts. are those almonds i see in the corner thingy? caramelized almonds i think you'll find. well, who wants ordinary run-of-the-mill almonds when you could have the caramelized kind? if i was this girl, i'd caramelize my whole apartment. weird. this greek style yogurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greek style yogurt has style. okay. stop saying it now. you're sending me mixed messages. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy.
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some things won't last 25 years. mixed messages. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. . i think we all heard the joke that people are addicted to their ipads. apparently it's not just adults. that technology made its way into the hands of toddlers. experts say this often becomes an obsession. >> reporter: toddlers, some still sucking binky interact easily with them all over youtube. some parents post clips like this one with the message. >> i joy pad is easy but addictive to toddlers of 18 months. be warned.
5:47 pm
in online chat rooms, desperate parents write my son is not two years old and he's addicted to the ipad. what do i do? >> mama. >> no. >> reporter: it's exactly what this mom wants to know. watch as her three-year-old xavier reacts to having his ipad taken away. >> reporter: he's like an addict, quitting cold turkey instead of drugs, his addiction is the ipad. >> all day every day. i weak up, he has it. i fight with him to go to sleep, he has to fall asleep with it. >> reporter: she gives her younger son milk and cookies as a diversion but he's back on it within five minutes. >> his best friend, his bid. >> reporter: sadly, it's almost his only buddy. he rarely goes out and fights going to school without the ipad. >> i told him to go make friends and he's like no. >> the kid's actions start having emotional withdrawal
5:48 pm
pains. >> reporter: psychologist dr. jeffrey gardier said tools like the ipad offer kids fabulous opportunities to learn. the problems start when kids choose a virtual world over the real one. >> they're not developing the proper social skills that other toddlers would, which is to get out there and play with other kids. >> reporter: parents can hit a reset button and we have tips to help you handle your young. >> i joy pad addicts. there is an app for that, several, in fact. time lock, screen time, and game time limit let you control ipad play time. when time's up, it turns off. can you set limits without an app2, but either way, expect tantrums. >> you have to be brave and strong parents. you have to suck it up. >> reporter: he said set up a schedule for your child and include lots of outside playtime and try not to use an ipad as a baby sitter. >> i wouldn't say it's bad parenting to hand a child on an ipad to shut them up, it's a little bit lazy. >> reporter: diaz disagrees.
5:49 pm
she said the ipad helps keep him calm, that he's learning about the internet. >> you're okay with this except when you have to take it away? >> yeah. >> reporter: i'm brenda flanagan, fox news. >> we all have our own insight on that one. how about that one? >> i can tell you if we're talking about this, so is everyone. >> everyone's being critical of the parent letting him have that kind of a temper tantrum. gary said one time, i would cut it off. >> and they take our iphones. they like to play on them and we had ipads at our house. and this is what is going on. they going to shorten my time for me. we're in for real good weather. we had good amounts of sunshine once it came out. the winds are kicking around, though, today, and that will all change and that is looking like a beautiful picture of the capital tonight, by the way, a
5:50 pm
beautiful weekend is ahead and we're still on track for warmer temperatures coming our way. the warmth is sitting in the central southern plains. it's edging closer to us and we're still thanks to the nor'easter, the high pressure is moving in and will be moving in the next few days. i'm not talking about mid- to upper 70s or 80s, but it will be nice to have mild temperatures in the 60s, and that does look like we could have a few 70s out there as early as sunday. the next few days, beautiful sunshine tomorrow on the chilly side. 57 degrees and that is below normal for this time of the year and bond be around 60, 60 degrees and that is looking like sunshine throughout the entire weekend. we were up to 56 for a high. 46 now for gaithersburg;
5:51 pm
baltimore is 50 degrees and we do have some gusty winds, though, gusting 29 degrees in the hour and 29 miles per hour, i should say, on the hour for national, quantico, 23; fredericksburg is gusting to 18 and across the bay to stevensville and that does give some places a bit of a windchill factor and can you see them on to i-81. win chester with the wind and feeling like it's in the upper 30s and bundle up. it's going to be breezy through the evening hours and dropping into the 30s by 9:00 and the lower 30s in town and temperatures by 11:00 where everyone is in the 30s. clear skies for us and nor'easter is moving out to the northeast and high pressure is building in and that is to the
5:52 pm
west. i suspect the only thing we're going to see is the sunshine and high cirrous clouds out of texas and that is where we're going to be. freezing and below in the suburbs, sunny and cold tomorrow to start, 53 at noontime and heading up again tomorrow and intos mid- to upper 70s and brian bolter already planning the tea time for the weekend and that is close to 70 on monday. the next chance of rain is 64 degrees on tuesday and then most of next week after that looks good, too. >> getting the honeydew list ready. >> thank you, gary. home times have you heard about a business and thought why didn't i think of that? fox 5 consumer reporter laura evans has been in search of the next great thing and laura is here with a preview of her story that is airing tonight at
5:53 pm
10. hi, laura. >> hi, will. we're launching a new segment and i have to tell you, what is so fun to learn about the latest and great nest products and services that cater to your personal needs. starting with your hair. you blow dry your hair after a shower and don't think twice about it, right in now a new business that is proving -- move into this area is making it a luxury. >> and that is a gorgeous day, and i think everyone just feels good when -- and that is like a luxury. >> and that is sounding dramatic but some women say it's better than therapy, i feel amazing when i'm in here. >> and we'll tell but that and then your tie makes a statement, says a lot about you, right in and they pricy.
5:54 pm
once you have your blowout and tie on, where to go, how about an app that can plan a night out or a daytime activity all based on your personality? and those are businesses that might you have thinking could one of them be the next great thing? that is all coming up tonight on fox 5 news at 10. >> i remember when she discovered the blow dry bar. you won't believe what i found, will. she loves this and i love the whole tie idea, too. >> absolutely. >> and. ballots are being counted in the state of florida. a big announcement from the romney campaign. and latinos march to the white house today with a wish list of what they would like to see get done during the president's second term. and we're watching new york and new jersey, the already battered region deals with the nor'easter. those stories and much more on the news edge at 6. hang tight. where others fail, droid powers through.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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. caught on camera, a former pilot tried to take off with the jet without permission and didn't get too far. the video shows the former pilot driving the plane through a parking lot in july and can you see the video there of the plane bumping up and down and crashing into cars and knocking down the light poll before crack. hedgeland was wanted in connection with the murder of his former girlfriend in colorado and attempted to steal the unoccupied plane in the morning. and. sent a mass text message to all of his friends that he died in a car crash. facebook, twitter, et cetera. the school offered grief counselors. when he showed up at school the
5:59 pm
next day, teachers and students were shocked and so was he. one of the worst pranks i have heard of. >> not funny at all. >> yeah. >> and thank you very much for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. right off of the top tonight, a news alert from northwest. police arrested the masked man they say broke into the home of an 81-year-old woman and beat her up. fox 5s john henrehan is live in the chevy chase neighborhood where the attacks took place. what do you know? >> and the arrest came a few hours after police went public asking for cooperation in the case and that is of a victim hospitalized after being beaten in her home home in upper west d.c. the victim lives in a house surrounded by bamboo plants, which she regular lecuts back. the 81-year-old uses canes with highly reflective tape when she walks


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